Monday, March 29, 2010


I've always wanted twins... especially if we ever got pregnant again since Luke is off to kindergarten next fall.  That would leave the next one with a big gap from older brother and twins would be instant playmates... no waiting for the next babe to come around.  I have them in my family too.  My dad is a twin.  Not sure about that whole 'skip a generation' theory?  Would that mean that I would maybe have them or my kids?  Anyone know about that? 

Anyway, I'm fully rambling here about twin because my best friend, Jenee IS having twins.  The next best thing!  Maybe even better as I recall the sleepless nights and diaper changes. I was going to surprise her with quilts for the babies as I am officailly a quilter having completed ONE in my lifetime with these lovely fabrics.  Actually it's getting machined at the moment, I haven't fully completed it.  I was trying to get the look of this one with more blue and pinks in it for the kids room using the Jelly filled pattern by Camille Rosekelly.  I know Jenee likes certain colors and style, so I invited her over to visit my favorite fabric store, HARTS here in Santa Cruz, but only after feeding the babies some Charlie Hong Kong.  Yum.

After some baby quilt google searching for free patterns, I decided they are all too hard or too cheesy.  I finally found this Olive Rose one and hoped I could mathamatically alter it to the right size.  I went with a reccommended size of 45"x60" so they wouldn't outgrow them after all my slaving away, plus Jenee dropped the word "heirloom" sometime during our shopping experience, so I felt compelled to make them bigger so they didn't get packed away with the baby bedding.  I didn't want it to be that type of heirloom.

While I altered the pattern fine, I couldn't seem to pack up the quilt and figure where I left off without having to lay it all out and double check all the measurements again.  I did this at least twice.  Rediculous! So to my husbands dismay, our family room looked like this all weekend.  Here is the starts of the girl one... 

He is super supportive of me sewing and is the one who scored me a sweeeeeet sewing machine at a yard sale a couple years back.  I think he digs it cuz his mom is big into it.  He's the one who took the photo to send to his mum and sisters back in Australia. 

So as the first round of babies are too arrive, comes the multiple baby shower syndrome.  I have three, yes, three showers to attend.  All being optional according to Jenee, but I love her to death, so unless there was a wedding to shoot, I'm going to be there.  She told me to give her a picture of quilt one at the first shower, a picture of quilt two at the second shower and both the completed quilts at the third shower. 

Good plan Nay! 

Off to Newport Beach this Friday for baby shower #1! 

Should I do a different pattern or same?  I'm thinking I know she likes the jelly-filled pattern and the boy quilt does have lots of white in it.  Plus Camille just put out a mini- Jelly that would suit the baby size.  Hmmmm.... any suggestions?


  1. You go, girl! Beautiful fabrics and a beautiful pattern choice. Can't wait to see it up close!

  2. About twins, as far as I understand it's all up to your eggs, so can't be passed on through your father. I could be wrong... You either get extra eggs (fraternal twins) or an egg splits (identical twins). Who knows. Anything is possible! I love that you're making quilts. I don't have the patience for complicated ones. :)

  3. What a wonderful gift you are giving to her, I'm sure she will cherise these quilts forever! Now, if you need a second shooter for some newborn twin photos, let me know (I just happen to know of one :)).