Monday, March 29, 2010


I've always wanted twins... especially if we ever got pregnant again since Luke is off to kindergarten next fall.  That would leave the next one with a big gap from older brother and twins would be instant playmates... no waiting for the next babe to come around.  I have them in my family too.  My dad is a twin.  Not sure about that whole 'skip a generation' theory?  Would that mean that I would maybe have them or my kids?  Anyone know about that? 

Anyway, I'm fully rambling here about twin because my best friend, Jenee IS having twins.  The next best thing!  Maybe even better as I recall the sleepless nights and diaper changes. I was going to surprise her with quilts for the babies as I am officailly a quilter having completed ONE in my lifetime with these lovely fabrics.  Actually it's getting machined at the moment, I haven't fully completed it.  I was trying to get the look of this one with more blue and pinks in it for the kids room using the Jelly filled pattern by Camille Rosekelly.  I know Jenee likes certain colors and style, so I invited her over to visit my favorite fabric store, HARTS here in Santa Cruz, but only after feeding the babies some Charlie Hong Kong.  Yum.

After some baby quilt google searching for free patterns, I decided they are all too hard or too cheesy.  I finally found this Olive Rose one and hoped I could mathamatically alter it to the right size.  I went with a reccommended size of 45"x60" so they wouldn't outgrow them after all my slaving away, plus Jenee dropped the word "heirloom" sometime during our shopping experience, so I felt compelled to make them bigger so they didn't get packed away with the baby bedding.  I didn't want it to be that type of heirloom.

While I altered the pattern fine, I couldn't seem to pack up the quilt and figure where I left off without having to lay it all out and double check all the measurements again.  I did this at least twice.  Rediculous! So to my husbands dismay, our family room looked like this all weekend.  Here is the starts of the girl one... 

He is super supportive of me sewing and is the one who scored me a sweeeeeet sewing machine at a yard sale a couple years back.  I think he digs it cuz his mom is big into it.  He's the one who took the photo to send to his mum and sisters back in Australia. 

So as the first round of babies are too arrive, comes the multiple baby shower syndrome.  I have three, yes, three showers to attend.  All being optional according to Jenee, but I love her to death, so unless there was a wedding to shoot, I'm going to be there.  She told me to give her a picture of quilt one at the first shower, a picture of quilt two at the second shower and both the completed quilts at the third shower. 

Good plan Nay! 

Off to Newport Beach this Friday for baby shower #1! 

Should I do a different pattern or same?  I'm thinking I know she likes the jelly-filled pattern and the boy quilt does have lots of white in it.  Plus Camille just put out a mini- Jelly that would suit the baby size.  Hmmmm.... any suggestions?

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Sky's mum was wanting her daughter's senior photos done. She asked about my grandpa's property, so we headed up for the morning light on Tuesday. I always shoot there in the afternoon, so it was fun to see the morning light and find some new spots. I feel like this location is endless with it's spots to choose from. We both brought along our little boys to chase frogs and lizards as it is a little boys heaven there. They played so well... oh how my Luke could use a good 5 acres. We are blessed to be able to pop up there whenever though and still have the beach in our frontyard.

Sky seems so photogenic to me. Even when she's not smiling or laughing she has a nice presence on the camera. She was so easy to work with. Especially since she laughs at all my stupid jokes and comments along the way. She worked a few different outfits... check it out.

I love this sign.  I have one of my son with his shirt off, age 2 in work boots and dirty shorts sitting next to it.  I couldn't resist a hot girl in a dress sitting next to it.

Thanks Sky for the lovely morning!

If you want senior photos done.  Email me:

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunday Success

THANK YOU all who came out Sunday to support Rose's Fundraiser.  We had over 20 families come out.  It was great to hear all the stories of who knows her or where they heard about the fundraiser.  A handful came out after reading the article in the Sentinal.  One couple had grown up here and read the article up in Sacramento and drove down with their family to do portraits!

I love good causes like this.  Everyone has the best attitudes and in top spirits.  People all coming together for soemthing bigger than themselves.  The photographers were a great fun bunch to work with and get to know.  We headed over to the Felton fire house after for pizza and an out of this world dessert that Rose's mum made.  I HAVE to get that recipe.  It's simply amazing.  Pure goodness.

I hear that a few families couldn't make our date change, so there maybe another one in the future.  Drop me a line if you're interested in making the next one and I'll get you on our list!

Here are a few of the families I shot that day...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Engagement Session

Michelle and Jared are wedding at the lovely Chaminade in September.  I'm really looking forward to shooting their wedding.  We started out at the farmers market in Santa Cruz, then headed to the beach on our cruisers to finish up their session.  I dig the Natural Bridges location cuz I can bike there with my gear.  It's days like these working with an awesome couple and biking to and fro the beach that can't believe this is work.   These two are so cute together... at one point when I asked them to kiss and Jared goes, "I can do this all day."  They made a day of it afterward, hitting up the Shadowbrook and grabbing a hotel afterwards.  Michelle told me about endless mimosas at Center St. Grill on Sunday mornings.  I'm definetly going to have to check it out.  But if anyone ever plays hookie on a Friday... I know Harbor Cafe offers the endless mimosas as well.  Thanks Michelle... Hope you two had a beautiful weekend!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Senior Pics

I babysat Brandon and his older brother, Jacob from ages 2&4 to when I had a baby of my own.  His mom is so dear to my heart.  She's help me through so many rocky times and been there to celebrate with me too.  I just LOVE them all.  I can't believe he's a senior this year! Brandon's girlfriend tagged along for the shoot, so I got a couple of her too.

His folks own 3 Day Closets and their slogan is "Life is short, get organized" but with the door open it makes an appropriate Senior year slogan too.

Saturday, March 6, 2010