Friday, January 29, 2010

Launch Party

Talk about a worthy cause.  The idea stemmed from Liz Gutherie, who is heading up the 2010 Dream Wedding Giveaway in San Francisco.  While reading through countless stories of applicants, she realized there was an overwhelming population of people who were stricken by health problems, a mound of medical bills, and no time or energy to plan a wedding.  For some it is their last wish.  Their dying wish.  So with that, Liz started calling vendors to see if they would back this idea to giveaway weddings to terminally ill patients.

Last night was the launch party at the elegant Villa Montalvo.  Many vendors turned out to support the cause and become a "wish granter" to a deserving couple.  There were wedding coordinators, florists, dj's, photographers and more!  Some of the most elite in their class, such as President of Wish Upon a Wedding, Sasha Sousa who has just released a beautiful coffee table book of her work.  Her book holds tons of fresh ideas for the bride to be!  It was wonderful opportunity to network and meet other like-minded professionals who have big hearts for the cause.

Many of the applicants are faced with cancer, something that is near and dear to my friend, Danielle who is a survivor herself.  The first "winner" is Florence who has been through a double mastectomy with her boyfriend never leaving her side.  She is set to marry in Sacramento this March! 

This is the first chapter of many more to open.  From WUW website:

Officially launched in January of 2010, Wish Upon a Wedding currently has five chapters to serve Wish Applicants. Beginning February 14, couples residing in or wishing to get married within 300 miles of the following cities are eligible to apply for weddings: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando, New York and Chicago. Receive a reminder email about when we will begin receiving applications. If you reside in another area, we still encourage you to stay connected as New Chapters open regularly.

If you know a deserving couple who you'd like to enter or you would like to donate money, services, airline miles or contribute in another way, please visit Wish Upon a Wedding to be part of this amazing organization!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

With great sadness...

I share the passing of my grandmother.  One week ago today, she passed in the night after being in and out of the hospital since Thanksgiving.  My chest was tight and breathing shallow in the days that followed the news, but as I began to work on a slideshow of her life for her memorial, I am inspired to be a great wife, mother, and servant.  She left a wonderful legacy behind of laughter, love, and faith. 

She had the sharpest wit and the warmest laugh.  She made jokes right up to the end.  At my last visit, I was talking to her cousin about our trip to Australia, when he mentioned his son going to school there.  Grandma chimed in, "What's the matter, he couldn't get in to any schools here?"  Her cousin shot back, "Careful what you say Marion, I brought my camera."  She quickly told him to "play fair" from behind her mess of hair and tired look.  Bella and I had a beautiful visit with her for two hours the week before she passed.  It was the first time I had seen her sitting up and dressed too.  I will remember her looking lovely in her blue blouse and fresh white slacks.

I burst with emotion to think she is in heaven now.  To know she lost her daddy at age two and is now meeting him for the first time makes my head spin with curiousity.  My heart is heavy with concern for my grandpa as he lost his wife of 65 years.  He was such a dedicated man and constantly spoiling her.  Most recently, I think of how grandma loved cold hands as she was always hot.  Grandpa made anyone with cold hands bring them to grandma to enjoy.  Upon our last visit, Grandpa took Bella for a walk outside and when she came back from the walk he told her to go give grandma her cold hands.  At first, I was blessed by the personal walk he took my daughter on, but when they returned back, I think I was more blessed to see that possibly his whole motivation to take Bella on a walk was to bring grandma back her first great-grandbaby with a hug and cold hands.  The man new how much she loved her family and the simplest things like cold hands are the little ways he would say, I love you Marion.

Please keep my grandpa in your prayers as you think of me these next couple week.

Friday, January 22, 2010

For Rose

Reserved your spot February 27th from 1-4pm for YOUR family portraits!

A local photographer, Danielle Gillett has organized a fundraiser for a gal, Rose who has been in a horrific car accident and is in need of expensive medical services.  Danielle has rallied a half a dozen professional photographers and Bay Photo to sponsor our efforts.  For a fraction of our portrait fee, you will have a mini session and walk away with your choice of one 8x10.

Please check back for more details later this month!

Here are a few of my family from a photographer that will be present that day...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New YEAR!!!

Here we go... Another year at it.

Hope you and yours had a lovely holiday catching up and relaxing with the family!

I've been off in Australia for December catching up with the in-laws. Never a bad place to visit. It was beautiful, warm and even wet at the end of it. A welcome change from our winter weather. Ohhhhh how I love warm weather!! I just hate being cold. It makes my bones ache. It makes me want to stay inside which is never good.

We shared a house with Rod's bro and his little family in the sleepy little beach town Cabarita Beach in New South Wales. (OK, guilty. So the link was pictures. I just feel that gives everyone the best sense of where we were at.) My kids got to meet their 5 cousins finally- whoo hoo. The whole town is walking distance to the beach with some awesome surf. It's a sweet little town just south of the NSW/Queensland border. There is two bakeries, a gas station, a post office, a chemist (drugstore), one fuit/veg shop, a mini-supermarket, and of course... a pub. The resturants are on constant new ownership as it's hard to keep them going on the off seasons with such a small population, but we always give them so business. It's a great place to vacation if you're ever looking for a place to chill out minus the manic crowds.

I'll get some of the fun posted up soon!!

Here is Rod and family playing some backyard cricket on Christmas Day.

My turn. This is me being friendly and fun about it. Enjoy cuz I think there are only two other photos with me in them for the rest of our trip. Classic
photographer problem.
Ok this one looks like a girly hit too, but at least I'm more focused about it. By the way I hate loosing. I stopped drinking one night while playing table tennis cuz I knew I was loosing my edge. Must. Win.