Saturday, March 20, 2010


Sky's mum was wanting her daughter's senior photos done. She asked about my grandpa's property, so we headed up for the morning light on Tuesday. I always shoot there in the afternoon, so it was fun to see the morning light and find some new spots. I feel like this location is endless with it's spots to choose from. We both brought along our little boys to chase frogs and lizards as it is a little boys heaven there. They played so well... oh how my Luke could use a good 5 acres. We are blessed to be able to pop up there whenever though and still have the beach in our frontyard.

Sky seems so photogenic to me. Even when she's not smiling or laughing she has a nice presence on the camera. She was so easy to work with. Especially since she laughs at all my stupid jokes and comments along the way. She worked a few different outfits... check it out.

I love this sign.  I have one of my son with his shirt off, age 2 in work boots and dirty shorts sitting next to it.  I couldn't resist a hot girl in a dress sitting next to it.

Thanks Sky for the lovely morning!

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  1. Great pictures, again, Julie! Now I want cowboy boots.

  2. Still loving your work. Now my husband wants me to get cowboy boots! :)

  3. Great session! I can see your style evolving, this is one of my favs!

  4. It seems cowboy boots are making a comeback... go buy up a pair.