Thursday, October 1, 2009

Johnny & Kim at Leo Carrillo Rancho

This last wedding weekend in San Diego was so much fun!! We had the whole weekend to hangout with the bride, groom and loads of friends and family. I love the idea of stretching out your big day and having everyone around for a weekend. Too often your friends and family all come in from out of town and you barely get to say hi to them on your wedding day. Kim had a social the night before at the hotel they were staying at which was a great way to get a relaxed visit in with all those people you wouldn't get to chat with on your big day.

Kim and Johnny got ready in the same hotel room. A first for me. This was a fun shot that captured him in the bathroom where he perfected his uniform and chatted with his boys while she got her hair done in the main room.

Jophnny was gone with his boys by the time she slipped into her dress.

Kim swapped her bouquet out for her camera before taking her vows to grab a photo! Another first for me!

I love this candid between shots.

Dancing with her bell ringing flower girls. Any little girls in attendance dressed in white dresses and rang bells up the aisle before the bride walked down.

I got to shadow this goofball as he shot the wedding which was an awesome experience to see him in action as he's been doing the wedding gig for ages! "I don't know how to put this, but [he's] kind of a big deal."


  1. Julie, these are beautiful! You are so talented, and you're a sweetheart also!

    It was great meeting you!

    -Katie (Kim's sister)

  2. Im amazed by your eye for moments. Thanks for helping you and Rodney are some of my faves. About time we hung out more!!!