Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eugene & Sarah at Seabright State Beach

Eugene is one of those really really nice guys, who always has a smile for you, and every kid loves. Rod and I squeezed his wedding in between 11:45am soccer photos and a 2:45pm soccer game. Mind you, Rodney is the coach and Bella a player, so they can't really miss either. Luckily, Sarah being a typical bride didn't make her appearance 'til well past twelve once we had arrived and caught our breath. It's lucky all events were in Santa Cruz. I have not really gotten to know Eugene's bride, Sarah, but her brother showed some true colors on the microphone that afternoon. He was a riot. Practically doing a stand up gig while we waited for the newlyweds to be introduced at the reception. Pure entertainment. Sounds like a fun family he married into- Congrats Eugene & Sarah!

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  1. I knew they were dating, but I didn't know they had gotten married - how exciting! You captured some really great pictures of their special day!