Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ingrams at Light House Field

The Ingrams are a family from our church, Vintage Faith. I like that our church is full of young families like ours. Their older daughter, Emory is about Luke's age. Lynn and I hook up at the park on Mondays with the kiddies. Lynn is so warm and gentle in her mothering, I think you know that just by her eyes. Her husband Erik is a PT and Rod is looking forward to surfing with him soon. His dad is Chip Ingram, you may have heard his rich sermons on the radio or back in the day at Santa Cruz Bible Church. Memories... in college we would all drive me over the hill for Sunday services. But enough of that.

The first one is my favorite because it sums up what little boys are all about... Sam is muddy and pointing to big airplanes way up high in the sky.

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