Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Chick

Here is one spring chick I got to meet this week. She's 3 weeks old and born at home. I love home births! Her name is Isla. Now read it again with the 's' being silent. There you go. She is the newest addition to the Cooper family, who gets to grow their beautiful little family up in the sunny mountains with a veggy garden, chicks, a dog, a swimming pool and mountain lions. Yes! Mountain lions. Robyn said while she was having Isla at home, the neighbors saw a mountain lion standing in the middle of the street during midday while children were outside playing. Yikes!   

Blessings to your growing family Robyn.


  1. Julie. Your work is amazing. The more I see the more I love. And I get to say, "I knew her when..." :)

  2. So sweet! What beautiful captures, Julie!!
    Scary about the mountain lion. Wow!

  3., love, love the photos of Isla. You have an amazing eye and a great talent. I can't wait to see the rest of them. Speaking of spring chicks we got 16 day old chicks today!