Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On the OTHER side of the camera

Celeste hooked me up with Danielle Gillett who has taught me MUCH of what I know about shooting weddings.  This last year, Danielle got engaged and so now it is her turn to be on the other side of the camera.  I'm so glad that our clients don't know what kind of shots they want, cuz Danielle knew just what she wanted and told us so the whole shoot!  Ha ha.  It was a blast though.  We shot up at my grandpa's property in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  She dragged up bikes, furniture, and about six outfits- Oh, not to mention two photographers, a videographer, a chalk board and of course, Jeff. 

We shot this in the fall, but I was on strict orders not to leak anything before the invites went out.  Yesterday I spent the day making invites at Danielle's place, so I made the executive decision
it's safe to leak some photos on my blog.

Here is our shootout: 

She was very creative in her invitations for the wedding and edited together the photos and videos from our shoot to make a digital invitation on a DVD that she is mailing out.

Here is a glimpse at our fun afternoon!

Celeste- Photographer.  Dan- Videographer.

Danielle has a great laugh!

My favorite chestnut tree at Grandpa's property. 
I love the warm fall colors in the setting sun.


Wanna know the funniest part.... she SPLIT her pants when she jumped up on Jeff.  Really!  The topper was Jeff sort-of-kind-of-dropped her.  It was time to wrap up our session.  The two were just getting sloppy! 

Fun times D.  Thanks for all your support- You're an amazing gal.

Click here to see her big heart at work!

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