Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New YEAR!!!

Here we go... Another year at it.

Hope you and yours had a lovely holiday catching up and relaxing with the family!

I've been off in Australia for December catching up with the in-laws. Never a bad place to visit. It was beautiful, warm and even wet at the end of it. A welcome change from our winter weather. Ohhhhh how I love warm weather!! I just hate being cold. It makes my bones ache. It makes me want to stay inside which is never good.

We shared a house with Rod's bro and his little family in the sleepy little beach town Cabarita Beach in New South Wales. (OK, guilty. So the link was pictures. I just feel that gives everyone the best sense of where we were at.) My kids got to meet their 5 cousins finally- whoo hoo. The whole town is walking distance to the beach with some awesome surf. It's a sweet little town just south of the NSW/Queensland border. There is two bakeries, a gas station, a post office, a chemist (drugstore), one fuit/veg shop, a mini-supermarket, and of course... a pub. The resturants are on constant new ownership as it's hard to keep them going on the off seasons with such a small population, but we always give them so business. It's a great place to vacation if you're ever looking for a place to chill out minus the manic crowds.

I'll get some of the fun posted up soon!!

Here is Rod and family playing some backyard cricket on Christmas Day.

My turn. This is me being friendly and fun about it. Enjoy cuz I think there are only two other photos with me in them for the rest of our trip. Classic
photographer problem.
Ok this one looks like a girly hit too, but at least I'm more focused about it. By the way I hate loosing. I stopped drinking one night while playing table tennis cuz I knew I was loosing my edge. Must. Win.


  1. Great pictures :)
    Looks like a fun trip! I would love some warm weather right now. Love you dress!!

  2. What a fun vacation!!!
    Julie your photography is gorgeous. I am so bummed I missed the chance for you to shoot my family!!! I am so glad God has directed you to work you love. Thanks for sharing it!
    Miss you so much:)


  3. Beautiful... love the dress Julie. Hope you guys had a great time.